4 Panel Digipak
  • This Modern Product can Hold Multiple CDs or CD and DVD Combo
  • Digipaks are Printed in Full Color Throughout for your Dynamic Project with a Clear Plastic Tray for Your Disc
  • Content duplicated or replicated
  • Add inserts or booklets
  • Lifelike full color printing on your discs for amazing detail
  • Special Print Features can be Added Such as Metallic Ink and Spot UV Coating
  • Work with the SAME Account Manager from quote to shipment
  • As Few as 25 Units
  • 100% Product Guarantee
4 Panel Digipak

CDs in 4-Panel Digipaks

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CDs in 6-Panel Digipaks

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6 Panel Digipak
Custom Digipak

2 Disc, 6 Panel Digipak

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Multi-Disc CD Digipaks

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Custom CD Digipaks
CD Digipak with 8-Page Booklet

4-Panel Digipak w/Tube Pocket
& 8-Page Booklet

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Custom Digipak Printing, 4 Panel Digipak Printing, 6 Panel Digipak Printing

We’re not afraid to admit it. At Bison Disc, the choices can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We have so many different ways to package your CD project, we can understand it when, once in awhile, a customer has a hard time making the right choice. But never fear! We’re happy to explain all the options to you and help you choose the most appropriate, most aesthetically pleasing, and most cost-effective product to suit your CD project’s needs as well as your own personal style.

Take the CD Digipak. This item is a popular, modern alternative to the traditional paperboard wallet style, or the plastic Jewel Case that you might have been thinking about to house your latest CD project. Well, the Digipak could be a better choice for you, because it actually combines those two materials in a synergistic way, bringing out the best aspects of each. The plastic tray keeps your CD disc safe, immobile, and protected, while the full-color, printed paperboard provides enough print area to tell your story, display your lyrics, or show off your spectacular artwork.

CD Digipaks have proven again and again that they are a favorite choice of many members of the music industry because they are light but strong, they provide excellent protection for the CD inside, and they offer the best marriage of components within the most convenient form of packaging. In addition, they aren’t as fragile as Jewel Cases, which makes them an extremely attractive option for projects that might need to be shipped and handled.

Bison Disc’s four panel Digipak has a print area similar to a Jewel Case. The front and back covers, along with the two inside panels, are available for your custom graphics and/or literature. Your CD is held securely in place in plastic tray that is glued in place on the paperboard cover. The plastic gives the Digipak a just enough dimension of depth to create a spine on which you can print your CD’s title. The final package size is 5 ½ X 5 inches (with a thin spine).

Our six-panel, CD Digipak can hold one or two discs with even more room for art or prose. Your CD(s) are held securely in either one or two plastic trays, and the cover of the six-panel package safely enfolds them when the Digipak is closed. Then, of course we also offer multi-disc CD Digipaks which are slightly bigger in size in order to hold more media. And don’t forget, you can always combine CDs with DVDs, as the versatile Digipak is more than capable of hosting combo productions.

As is true of all of our printed products, you can always customize your CD Digipak with special print features such as metallic ink and spot UV coating. And, as always, we can manufacture the exact right number of units you need – from 25 to thousands. And, again, as always, Bison Disc is ready to print your custom designed labels on your duplicated or replicated CDs. And finally, again, as always, we can ship or mail your order for you, worldwide.

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