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  • CDs are Printed Full Color for Amazing Lifelike Detail
  • Content Duplicated or Replicated
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  • We Have Slim Jewel Cases Too!
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Slim Jewel Cases

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Custom CD Cases, CD Printing & CD Jewel Cases

CD Jewel Case Printing, Custom CD Cases & Custom Jewel Cases, CD Jewel Cases, CD Cover Printing, CD Case Printing

The CD Jewel Case has been the worldwide standard package for Compact Discs since it first appeared on Japanese store shelves in 1982, and in the USA, on Billy Joel’s 1983 album, 52nd Street. The polystyrene, Jewel Case was specifically designed for the CD’s retail sales as a package that would protect the fragile disc inside from dirt and scratches, while allowing space for printed inserts. It was a seismic change from the paperboard album cover and cellophane sheathing that housed the much larger LP (Long Playing) records that were standard in the music industry for decades.

The CD Jewel Case was designed by inventor, Peter Doodson, who named it the way he did for two reasons: like a perfect jewel, he thought it was the “virtually perfect” design for a CD case; and because from certain angles, it picked up and reflected light the way a jewel does. Jewel Cases are still very popular because they are light-weight, sturdy and can be easily stored and displayed on a shelf or in a rack. Today, there are billions of Jewel Cases in existence, world-wide.

The typical Jewel Case consists of two transparent halves of plastic, which are hinged together in a book-like fashion to form the casing. The back half holds a media tray on which the CD is placed. The CD is held firm by a hub of plastic teeth that grip the hole in the disc’s center. Because of this tight grip, even if a CD case is turned upside down, left, or right, the disc inside of it won’t move. If there is any undue pressure applied to the case, it will break before the CD. Thus, a Jewel Case can last for many years while protecting its contents.

Jewel Cases are also well-suited for the addition of printed insert and artwork. The front plastic panel contains tabs that can hold a booklet or printed insert in place, and a back card called the tray card beneath the media tray often has additional artwork, liner notes, or other informational material on it. When the tray card is folded to cover the spine of the case, the title of the CD can be read when it is stored vertically, book-like, on a shelf, or horizontally, when stored in a rack.

At Bison Disc, we print all of your CD inserts in full color. The two-panel insert is one piece of paper that is printed on both sides. If you want more print area, you can select the four-panel insert, which is printed in full color on the front, inside left, inside right and pack panel. The six-panel insert is also printed completely in full color on the front, center and end panels of both sides. Booklets of eight pages, and even more, allow for additional print space for images, photos, stories, notes, song lyrics, etc.

And, of course, you always have the tray card, beneath the disc tray, that shows your material on the back of the case and along its spine. Traditionally, the disc tray is black, but you can select a clear disc tray that has print on the inside side of the tray card that will show when someone removes the disc from the hub.

Bison Disc also has several other CD Jewel Case options, including the slim Jewel Case with either a black or clear tray. This slim version will accommodate printed inserts for the front with the same choices as the standard Jewel Case, however, there is no tray card space available in this model. If you want to use Jewel Case packaging for a CD or DVD set, we have that too!

Our high quality multi-disc Jewel Cases will hold up to 6 discs. Jewel Cases are also a common package option for Blu-ray discs.