Disc Package Upgrades for DVD and CD Duplication Projects

Enhance Your CD or DVD With Any of the Products Below

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UPC Bar Code

For only $22.00, Bison Disc will supply you with a unique bar code for your CD or DVD title. A bar code gives a professional look and enables a distributor or retailer’s inventory system to track your sales.

CD Text


Display YOUR Artist name, album name and song titles with CD text. Isn’t it frustrating to see Unknown and generic Track 1, Track 2 on a car CD player or other CD player? Bison Disc can easily author these details for you so when your CD is played in CD Text enabled Cars and CD Players it will automatically display YOUR artist name and the song titles.


CD text is just as valuable for spoken word CDs. It will display your author name, disc title and chapter titles. Add value to YOUR CD Audio for only $25.00!
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Gracenote is the largest on-line database registry for CD-Audio, whether it’s music or spoken word. Why do you need this? It helps millions of fans identify, discover and connect with songs and artists they love every day. It is important so that when your CD is played on any computer with an internet connection your user will see the CD text. The Gracenote database supplies details to iTunes, WinAmp and Quintessential Media Player and Finder. Let us handle this for you for $55.00 ! ***Special combo CD text and Gracenote registration just $70.00

Secure Your Content with CSS Copy Protection

The Content Scramble System (CSS) encryption can be added to any replicated DVD. It’s a big value at just $145.00 in the standard turnaround time! CSS protects against the copying of your content on a computer or disc-to-disc .
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Posters & Flyers

Get the word out about your album, event, show or tour! Your colorful, bold posters and flyers are a BIG bargain at Bison Disc!

ISRC Codes

An ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is a code that can be embedded into each song or chapter you have on your CD Audio. It is basically a digital ID to track royalty payments. Each ISRC is a unique and permanent identifier for a specific recording.

You as the Artist must secure your codes, one for each track.

Visit http://www.isrc.org

Once you have your codes, provide them to your Account Manager and Bison Disc will encode them onto your CD for just $65.00.
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Master Tune-up for Radio & CD Ready Quality

If you have not worked with a professional recording studio we can help your music with clean up and enhancement. Through equalization we will adjust frequencies from bass to treble so each frequency has its own space and results in better sound. Through compression we will give more or less fullness to the sound of specific frequencies or the overall album again improving your sound. Additionally, we can trim tracks and clean dust and scratches between tracks.

  • 1-3 Songs/Tracks – $115
  • 4-6 Songs/Tracks – $165
  • 7 or More Songs/Tracks – $195
  • Volume Equalization Only – $75

Vinyl Sleeve

A simple, totally clear package option for your bulk discs! Your complete disc face is visible in this lightweight package. Easy to add a printed insert!
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Clam Shell

This is a durable, flexible plastic package for your bulk CD or DVD that shows your complete disc face. No additional packaging needed.

White Window Sleeve

Hands down the most economical disc package available for your bulk discs. These show most of your disc face and a printed insert can be added.
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If You’re Using 2 or More Jewel Cases or DVD Cases, a Slip Case will Hold all of Your Cases in 1 Wonderful Package.

Easy Song Licensing

Handles all types of mechanical song licensing (cover songs for CDs, digital downloads, interactive audio streaming, ringtones, vinyl records, etc.); this includes free sign up, free copyright holder searches, live support M-F 8am-4pm CT (800-360-5192) or www.easysonglicensing.com for all licensing questions, best prices and fast turn times on proof of licensing
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