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Why Companies are using Custom Printed DVDs to Share their Videos

How should you be sharing videos with your customers?

CCU learned that the best way to share their hours of educational video was with DVDs. Learn how CCU worked with Bison Disc to redesign their printed materials and DVDs for improved curriculum completion rates and customer loyalty:

Owning a DVD vs. Streaming Video Online

CCU sells educational DVD with courses on safe self-defense. With hours of video to study, it can take months for customers to complete the courses.

Knowing that they needed to provide an easy way for their customers to watch the videos, CCU tried both uploading the videos to the internet as well as distributing DVD sets.

Physical Products & Customer Loyalty

CCU Packaging

CCU found that, after receiving DVDs, more customers completed their programs than those who accessed the content online. In addition to increased course completion, customer retention increased.

“We immediately saw that customer loyalty was increasing when we started giving customers a tangible product to hold on to,” Operations Manager Caleb Skaggs explains. “Having custom, professional packaging added to our product’s value.”

Internet Streaming vs. DVDs

While there are still some customers who will appreciate having online streaming as an option, longer videos are better suited for ease of viewing.

Aside from comfort, using a computer brings forth its own pop-ups, distractions, and bad habits; online viewership is notoriously fickle. According to studies, for a 4-5 minute video, fewer than 60% of viewers will still be watching by the end.

Many Americans Still Lack Rapid, Reliable Internet

Many Americans still lack fast speed internet for video streaming

Internet speed is also a factor when wanting to stream video. Even cutting-edge urban centers like Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California struggle with an internet speed of around 12 mbps. For streaming, a speed of around 20 Mbps or above reduces lag and drastically improves quality. Some areas of America lack unlimited data plans for their home internet as well, making video streaming an exorbitant cost – a single streamed movie can rack up about $100.

Don’t rely on your customer to have specific technology for your products. Rather than compromising the quality of your video with online streaming, it’s better to provide a perfect, reliable viewing experience for your customers with DVDs. For some customers, offline media is the only affordable option.

Finding the Right Distribution Partner


CCU started distributing their instructional guides on discs to better serve their audience, but they needed to find a sustainable company to print and distribute with. At the time, they weren’t sure what type of packaging they wanted for their curriculum, or how it should be designed.

“We needed one complete fulfillment center and a professional’s help with the best way to present our media,” Skaggs explained. Bison Disc manufactures and fulfills orders daily for customers. Skaggs felt Bison was “more approachable, efficient, and helpful than other printers and distributors.”

Graphic Design Services to Complete the Packaging Designs

CCU’s entire curriculum line provides years of education and resources. They knew they needed their discs and packaging to appear like an encyclopedia in both credibility and physical appearance, but they weren’t sure what types of packaging would suit them best.

With the advisement of Bison Disc’s graphic designers, the DVD sets of curriculum look like a textbook that customers could add to their shelves along with other reference books.

“As the Director of Operations I have to manage all the moving pieces of the business, and it’s hard to do everything,” Skaggs stated. “Bison is always willing to help us with our products and experiment.  They want to work with your vision.”

“When it comes to unconventional solutions, I rely on Bison Disc’s experience and broad understanding of the market,” he continued. “They helped us every step of the way to make this a perfect piece for any bookshelf.”

Looking for better ways to share your media? We can help.

What is the Difference between Direct Disc Printing and CD Labels?

Direct Disc Printing vs. CD Labels

Pictured above, a DVD with Edgeless Direct Disc Printing (Not CD Labels)

What is the Difference between Direct Disc Printing and CD Labels?

Not sure if you want to order printed discs or just do-it-yourself with CD labels? Here we explain the difference between the Direct Disc Printing we do at Bison Disc compared to CD Labels you can stick on at home.

Print Quality & Lifespan


CD Label

At Bison Disc, we print full-color artwork directly onto your CDs or DVDs – there is no label used and no paper or adhesive involved in the process.

CDs & DVDs last 30-70 years – compared to a hard drive’s lifespan of 4-8 years. If you take care of your disc’s data, you might as well ensure the art on your disc is also future-proof. A label will fade over time and is damaged by scratches and water, while direct disc printing is scratch resistant, waterproof, and made to last.



Criteria Direct Disc Printing CD Labels
Fades over time in sun no yes
Need your own printer and ink? no yes
Can Jam in Your CD players no yes
Damaged by water no yes
Damaged by scratches no yes
Requires your labor no yes
General Cost per Disc 0.88 each for 100 1.20 each for 100
Rapid Duplication yes no/manual
Uses messy adhesives no yes

Edge-to-edge printing at Bison Disc

Edgeless printing

We also print edge-to-edge all the way to the center (pictured above), while labels leave a large area of space in the center completely bare. Plus, unlike your at-home printer, we never run out of ink.


Application of CD labels is tricky

Applying a CD label to a disc is pretty tricky and often requires the additional cost of a label press if you want to do it right. If you’re not careful, you can waste an entire disc as well as the printed label.

With Direct Disc Printing, we print directly on the disc first using a white flood of ink for the base. The ink is UV-cured for durability and finally printed with artwork. The result is a full-color, future-proof design that runs edge-to-edge.


If you’re content doing labels at home on your own and you’re only planning on making a handful of CDs, you may be fine with labels. However, it will soon cost you more to do it yourself as it would if you ordered discs. Here’s a price breakdown:

  • 100 Custom Printed Discs from Bison, each with data duplication
    = .88 cents each
  • 100 DIY CDs with Labels and Duplication 
    $30 for the labels
    ~10 hours of labor applying labels and burning data at $8/hour /  = $104 for 100 discs 
    = $1.20 each

Your labor increases through quantity, so after 100 discs it’s no longer cost-effective to do this at home.

Creative Graphic Designers

You can send us your own artwork, but we also have expert designers to help you create your custom design for all your printed materials. Our 3d mockups are free.

Edge-to-edge printing at Bison Disc


Since we work with many types of businesses we understand the need to work within a tight budget, but we still want to meet the highest quality possible. We do our best to do both, and our testimonials reflect that:

As an independent Artist and always on a shoe string budget. Bison was Point on and very Patient and Easy to work with. I Highly recommend Bison Disc! I will be using them again and again. ” - Currie (via Bison Discs’s Facebook)

Data duplication options

We also offer data duplication and replication.

  1. Duplication – a recordable disc is burned with your content or movie onto high grade Philips media. Disc duplication is best for small orders (less than 1,000 discs).
  2. Replication – if you have a larger order, you may want to instead order disc replication. Replication starts with a glass master made from your original master. Your content is then embedded in the disc, creating an exact replica of the glass master.

In 20, years Bison has never had a reported issue with a duplicated disc’s playability or quality.

If you’re printing discs for a movie and you want to ensure that it is recorded on every disc flawlessly, let us help. Our burners can handle dozens of discs at once, while most homes have only one or two disc burners, making DIY CD labeling even more time-consuming.

As an indie filmmaker, Bison is the only duplicator I will ever use.” – Jeffrey (via Bison Discs’s Facebook)

Short on time? We’re fast. We can suit your emergency needs with our 24-hour ship products.


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 2.37.33 PM

If you print through us we can help you craft unique packaging for your discs.

We’re one of the only stores that offer printing for Digipaks, folders with CD mounts, wallets, and multi-disc sets. All packaged discs from Bison Disc can arrive at your door shrink-wrapped, serialized, and ready for sale.

If you already know you want to use optical media for your backup solutions, save yourself the time and frustration of doing it yourself and let us print for you.

At Bison Disc, we’ve been printing CDs and DVDs for 20 years. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ability to work on any project with any customer. We’re happy to be the suppliers for musicians, authors, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

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