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How to: Printing, Packaging, Fulfillment, and Mailing with Bison

Bison Disc offers complete fulfillment of products from start to finish – from printing and packaging to warehouse and mailing.

Here’s how to get started with our fulfillment, including tips on sharing products with new and existing customers.

Ordering the Right Discs for your Media

CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Mail Fulfillment

Your media will determine the disc type you need. If you’re a videographer hoping to share samples of work with nearby businesses, you should order DVD-Rs (4.7GB capacity) or Blu-Rays (25GB and 50GB) for your video files.

CDs have only 700 MB of storage space but are an affordable option for sharing images, song files, and PDFs – perfect for musicians, real estate agents, accountants, and lawyers.

CD Stereo TextIf you are sharing audio files, we offer CD Text implementation (pictured right) so that car stereos display your band or company’s name. We can also provide tuning if you have not recorded your audio in a professional studio.

If you want to protect your intellectual property, you may want to consider ordering DVD replication – no one can copy a DVD that is replicated and encrypted. Our encryption services for replicated DVDs protect your content from being copied disc to disc or disc to computer.

Fulfillment and Mailing options with Bison 

We provide fulfillment and mailing for all our printed products, including jewel cases,  DVD cases, digipaks, custom packaging, posters, book sets, and more. We can assemble, manufacture, warehouse, and ship all products to your customers or stores.

Our fulfillment options: 

  • Worldwide shipping and mailing via UPS, FedEx, and USPS
  • Mail list processing
  • Printing direct to mailer or labeling
  • Individual on-demand fulfillment
  • Drop-Shipping to multiple specified locations
  • Kitting & Assembly
  • Package Labeling & Form Preparation
  • Quality Control & Product Inspection
  • Product Barcoding for stores doing inventory
  • Product Shrinkwrapping


Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns 

Mailer Options Bison Disc

Save money in your direct mail campaign with our mailers – they are the right shape for USPS automated processing, reducing your postage costs. We offer a wide variety of mailer options, including 4 and 6 panel mailers, mailers with a custom pop up, zip strip mailers, 6×9 mailers, and more. These are printed full color throughout on sturdy paperboard with a secure slot for your discs.

Why do direct mail campaigns?

While the internet has created endless options for marketing, it has also emboldened advertising venues of the past like snail mail.

Email Vs Direct Mail Campaign

Customers are now saturated by the excessive online communication from social media, email, and texts. The average American receives a staggering 88 emails each day, and only opens 30% of them.

Even worse, click through rates on emails are low – an average of 3.2%. In comparison, 98% of people check their mailboxes daily and 77% sort through their physical mail as soon as they receive it.

Sending products through direct mail is refreshing and offers customers a tangible gift, which increases customer loyalty and improves brand awareness. In fact, 65% of customers who received marketing materials via direct mail then made purchases and engaged with the businesses that sent them.

Using CDs & DVDs in Direct Mail increases open rates and engagement even more.  When mailing CDs and DVDs, 91% of customers who received the mailer opened it. 89% of respondents said they would spend more time or the same amount of time with a direct mail piece if it included a DVD/CD, and 73% played the discs in their computers or televisions.

Direct Mail marketing

Ready to get started? 

At Bison, we set you up so you can work with the same account manager from quote to shipment, and provide a 100% product guarantee. You can upload your master disc and artwork easily on our website.

We’ll help you get the perfect mailer started for your buiness.

Get your quote today!


Why Companies are using Custom Printed DVDs to Share their Videos

How should you be sharing videos with your customers?

CCU learned that the best way to share their hours of educational video was with DVDs. Learn how CCU worked with Bison Disc to redesign their printed materials and DVDs for improved curriculum completion rates and customer loyalty:

Owning a DVD vs. Streaming Video Online

CCU sells educational DVD with courses on safe self-defense. With hours of video to study, it can take months for customers to complete the courses.

Knowing that they needed to provide an easy way for their customers to watch the videos, CCU tried both uploading the videos to the internet as well as distributing DVD sets.

Physical Products & Customer Loyalty

CCU Packaging

CCU found that, after receiving DVDs, more customers completed their programs than those who accessed the content online. In addition to increased course completion, customer retention increased.

“We immediately saw that customer loyalty was increasing when we started giving customers a tangible product to hold on to,” Operations Manager Caleb Skaggs explains. “Having custom, professional packaging added to our product’s value.”

Internet Streaming vs. DVDs

While there are still some customers who will appreciate having online streaming as an option, longer videos are better suited for ease of viewing.

Aside from comfort, using a computer brings forth its own pop-ups, distractions, and bad habits; online viewership is notoriously fickle. According to studies, for a 4-5 minute video, fewer than 60% of viewers will still be watching by the end.

Many Americans Still Lack Rapid, Reliable Internet

Many Americans still lack fast speed internet for video streaming

Internet speed is also a factor when wanting to stream video. Even cutting-edge urban centers like Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California struggle with an internet speed of around 12 mbps. For streaming, a speed of around 20 Mbps or above reduces lag and drastically improves quality. Some areas of America lack unlimited data plans for their home internet as well, making video streaming an exorbitant cost – a single streamed movie can rack up about $100.

Don’t rely on your customer to have specific technology for your products. Rather than compromising the quality of your video with online streaming, it’s better to provide a perfect, reliable viewing experience for your customers with DVDs. For some customers, offline media is the only affordable option.

Finding the Right Distribution Partner


CCU started distributing their instructional guides on discs to better serve their audience, but they needed to find a sustainable company to print and distribute with. At the time, they weren’t sure what type of packaging they wanted for their curriculum, or how it should be designed.

“We needed one complete fulfillment center and a professional’s help with the best way to present our media,” Skaggs explained. Bison Disc manufactures and fulfills orders daily for customers. Skaggs felt Bison was “more approachable, efficient, and helpful than other printers and distributors.”

Graphic Design Services to Complete the Packaging Designs

CCU’s entire curriculum line provides years of education and resources. They knew they needed their discs and packaging to appear like an encyclopedia in both credibility and physical appearance, but they weren’t sure what types of packaging would suit them best.

With the advisement of Bison Disc’s graphic designers, the DVD sets of curriculum look like a textbook that customers could add to their shelves along with other reference books.

“As the Director of Operations I have to manage all the moving pieces of the business, and it’s hard to do everything,” Skaggs stated. “Bison is always willing to help us with our products and experiment.  They want to work with your vision.”

“When it comes to unconventional solutions, I rely on Bison Disc’s experience and broad understanding of the market,” he continued. “They helped us every step of the way to make this a perfect piece for any bookshelf.”

Looking for better ways to share your media? We can help.

What is the Difference between Direct Disc Printing and CD Labels?

Direct Disc Printing vs. CD Labels

Pictured above, a DVD with Edgeless Direct Disc Printing (Not CD Labels)

What is the Difference between Direct Disc Printing and CD Labels?

Not sure if you want to order printed discs or just do-it-yourself with CD labels? Here we explain the difference between the Direct Disc Printing we do at Bison Disc compared to CD Labels you can stick on at home.

Print Quality & Lifespan


CD Label

At Bison Disc, we print full-color artwork directly onto your CDs or DVDs – there is no label used and no paper or adhesive involved in the process.

CDs & DVDs last 30-70 years – compared to a hard drive’s lifespan of 4-8 years. If you take care of your disc’s data, you might as well ensure the art on your disc is also future-proof. A label will fade over time and is damaged by scratches and water, while direct disc printing is scratch resistant, waterproof, and made to last.



Criteria Direct Disc Printing CD Labels
Fades over time in sun no yes
Need your own printer and ink? no yes
Can Jam in Your CD players no yes
Damaged by water no yes
Damaged by scratches no yes
Requires your labor no yes
General Cost per Disc 0.88 each for 100 1.20 each for 100
Rapid Duplication yes no/manual
Uses messy adhesives no yes

Edge-to-edge printing at Bison Disc

Edgeless printing

We also print edge-to-edge all the way to the center (pictured above), while labels leave a large area of space in the center completely bare. Plus, unlike your at-home printer, we never run out of ink.


Application of CD labels is tricky

Applying a CD label to a disc is pretty tricky and often requires the additional cost of a label press if you want to do it right. If you’re not careful, you can waste an entire disc as well as the printed label.

With Direct Disc Printing, we print directly on the disc first using a white flood of ink for the base. The ink is UV-cured for durability and finally printed with artwork. The result is a full-color, future-proof design that runs edge-to-edge.


If you’re content doing labels at home on your own and you’re only planning on making a handful of CDs, you may be fine with labels. However, it will soon cost you more to do it yourself as it would if you ordered discs. Here’s a price breakdown:

  • 100 Custom Printed Discs from Bison, each with data duplication
    = .88 cents each
  • 100 DIY CDs with Labels and Duplication 
    $30 for the labels
    ~10 hours of labor applying labels and burning data at $8/hour /  = $104 for 100 discs 
    = $1.20 each

Your labor increases through quantity, so after 100 discs it’s no longer cost-effective to do this at home.

Creative Graphic Designers

You can send us your own artwork, but we also have expert designers to help you create your custom design for all your printed materials. Our 3d mockups are free.

Edge-to-edge printing at Bison Disc


Since we work with many types of businesses we understand the need to work within a tight budget, but we still want to meet the highest quality possible. We do our best to do both, and our testimonials reflect that:

As an independent Artist and always on a shoe string budget. Bison was Point on and very Patient and Easy to work with. I Highly recommend Bison Disc! I will be using them again and again. ” - Currie (via Bison Discs’s Facebook)

Data duplication options

We also offer data duplication and replication.

  1. Duplication – a recordable disc is burned with your content or movie onto high grade Philips media. Disc duplication is best for small orders (less than 1,000 discs).
  2. Replication – if you have a larger order, you may want to instead order disc replication. Replication starts with a glass master made from your original master. Your content is then embedded in the disc, creating an exact replica of the glass master.

In 20, years Bison has never had a reported issue with a duplicated disc’s playability or quality.

If you’re printing discs for a movie and you want to ensure that it is recorded on every disc flawlessly, let us help. Our burners can handle dozens of discs at once, while most homes have only one or two disc burners, making DIY CD labeling even more time-consuming.

As an indie filmmaker, Bison is the only duplicator I will ever use.” – Jeffrey (via Bison Discs’s Facebook)

Short on time? We’re fast. We can suit your emergency needs with our 24-hour ship products.


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 2.37.33 PM

If you print through us we can help you craft unique packaging for your discs.

We’re one of the only stores that offer printing for Digipaks, folders with CD mounts, wallets, and multi-disc sets. All packaged discs from Bison Disc can arrive at your door shrink-wrapped, serialized, and ready for sale.

If you already know you want to use optical media for your backup solutions, save yourself the time and frustration of doing it yourself and let us print for you.

At Bison Disc, we’ve been printing CDs and DVDs for 20 years. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and ability to work on any project with any customer. We’re happy to be the suppliers for musicians, authors, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

Get started with your order here

Use CD Mailers to Drive Conversions Through Direct Mail


Reaching out to your potential customer base through direct mail is a tried and true way to market. This method can be effective, if leveraged properly. You want your piece of direct mail to portray a clear message while also standing out from other pieces of mail. Bison Disc helps you achieve your direct mail goals by offering design and printing services for CD and DVD mailers. Our team of professionals helps you achieve higher conversion rates.

Start with visual appeal to help your brand stand out. When your customers reach into their mailboxes and pull out their letters, a Bison Disc CD mailer is sure to stand out. If you have a new idea or you saw something cool in your own mailbox, turn to our design team for assistance achieving the look you want.

 Direct Mail Campaigns Achieve Results

Generally, direct mail response rates tend to outperform a number of digital methods. According to the 2015 Direct Marketing Association Response Rate Report, direct mail with a list of customers actually achieves a 3.7% response rate. A list of prospects often achieves a 1% response rate. In comparison, the DMA reports a .1% response rate to social media.  So, what can we learn from these statistics? Simply put, direct mail gets results. A CD mailer boosts your return on investment.

Materials considered by the DMA to be ‘dimensional’ like a CD mailer achieve a 4% response rate. A visually intriguing and exciting messages drives customers to make a purchasing decision immediately. Including a DVD or CD in a direct mail campaign may be the right decision for your company. If you are considering this form of promotion, reach out to an account manager at Bison Disc to get more information about what we can do for your business.

  • 91% of all respondents who received a DVD/CD in the mail opened the mailer.
  • 89% of respondents said they would spend more time or the same amount of time with a direct mail piece if it included a DVD/CD.
  • 73% played the discs in their computers or televisions.

Full Color CD Mailers for Direct Mail Campaigns

There is nothing like an informative piece of marketing material to convey your brand message. For many, a CD mailer helps you stand out while providing additional information to people that make use of the CD or DVD. Bison Disc specializes in full color DVD mailers that are visually interesting. Our mailers all come in full color throughout and on sturdy paperboard. The slot in the mailer for the disc keeps it secure in the mail. Popular CD mailer options include:


4-Panel Self Mailers

4-Panel Horizontal Mailers

Custom Pop-Up Mailers

6-Panel Mailers

Zip Strip Mailers

6×9 Mailer

Auto Letter Rate Mailer (ALRM) with Reply Card Pocket


An account manager from Bison Disc works with you to design the look you want. We offer various formats including horizontal and vertical printing, 4 or 6 panel options, and the inclusion of your own artwork. From the first step of the process until the final CD mailer is sent, Bison Disc has the same account manager work with you on the project.


Save On Postage With Our USPS Approved Mailers

An advantage of coming to Bison Disc for CD mailers is our expertise. We produce disc mailers that are the right shape for USPS automated processing. This actually saves you a considerable amount of money in shipping. DVD and CD mailers matched to the letter size specifications set forth by the USPS cost less to ship. Our mailers are approved for automatic letter rates. If you want us to take care of mailing on your behalf, Bison Disc will do so for you.


For direct mail campaigns our team:


                              Processes Your Mailing Listing For Accuracy through the National System

                              Removes All Duplicates From Your Address List

                              Addresses All of Your Mailers

                              Adds Bar Codes to the Mailers to Qualify for Presorted Automation

                              Delivers The Mailers to the Post Office


About Bison Disc

Bison Disc is pleased to offer a complete range of CD and DVD printing and packaging options. Our company works with customers on projects including custom packaging, jewel cases, and digipaks. Bison Disc has offers a range of products including CD and DVD mailers for companies looking for direct mail conversions. Make your piece of mail stand out from all of the plain envelopes sent by most companies. Additional features as well as rush services are available from our company. You can upgrade your order to a 24-hour turnaround if necessary.

What Custom Packaging Option Is Right For Your Next Project?

Not every CD or DVD purchase fits the standard, one-size-fits-all solution of a jewel case etc. it might be time to switch your design up with a custom packaging selection. Bison Disc proudly offers a range of packaging options for those that want to stand out from the competition. While the options for custom packaging are seemingly endless, there are a few popular styles customers seem to love. Our top styles are listed below. Don’t see one you like? We’ll make it custom! Bison Disc also offers design services for your packaging selection.multi-disc-case

Multi-Disc Cases for CD Packaging

More than one CD or DVD in your set then, multi-disc cases or wallets may be the proper solution for you. One of the most popular multi-disc options is a UniKeep. This hard exterior with a binder-like feel keeps your discs safe and easy to access for the user.

Disc Pocket Folders for Marketing Collateral

An affordable and visually appealing custom packaging option for our clients is the disc pocket folder. Promotional materials, membership information, company details, and reports are a great fit for the disc pocket folder. The two inside pockets keep CDs or DVDs in place and also hold relevant literature. Pass along information to your customers in a thin and light package with a disc pocket folder. folder

One of the positives associated with this marketing option is the ability to present a visual medium to clients while also giving them more information in CD form. The disc might be the star of the show – but the text of your folder expands on your value to the potential client. Give the recipient a better idea of the contents of your disc included with your folder. Disc folders are great for trade shows, presentations, exhibitions, and more.

A Brochure With Hub Helps You Stand Out

hubDraw the attention of a potential customer or current client with a bright, colorful brochure with hub. This multi-page option includes a full color brochure with a disc hub. Think of this as an upgraded brochure – instead of giving out a boring brochure like your competition, yours will also includes a custom disc.

From cruise line offerings to car dealership features, any information can go in your brochure. The number of pages you include is up to you. In addition, Bison Disc doesn’t send anything to print until you have approved the proof of the brochure. Boost awareness of your brand and provide consistent information with our brochure with hub option.

About Bison Disc

Bison Disc specializes in custom packaging and disc printing. We employ a number of product specialists able to work with you in the design of your discs. Our company makes and manufactures CDs and DVDs for businesses, individuals, bands, movies, and more. In combination with our disc expertise, Bison Disc is capable of high end custom packaging. Send the right message to the discerning customer with a thoughtful piece of marketing collateral to show them.

 Bison Disc offers an exceptional value to the customer from start to finish. This includes a 100% product guarantee and full color printing on your discs for amazing detail. Customer service is of the utmost importance to our team. Every customer of Bison Disc works with the same account manager throughout the process. From your first call to final shipment, the account manager works with you on the project.


Digipaks Premium CD Packaging Is Preferred By Bands


Get a premium look for your band when you come to Bison Disc for digipaks.  A digipak allows you the opportunity to include lyrics, unique photographs, and aspects of your story. Bison Disc is able to accommodate orders starting as small as 25 and up into the thousands. Our company works with you from the initial consultation, through design services, and into final delivery of your digipaks. See for yourself why this packaging option is the preferred choice for bands and musicians.

Boost Your Band’s Image With a Digipak

Choose this extremely attractive option if you are ready to invest in the future of your band or musical career. The right image does a lot for you. Your digipak is fully customized to your order with artwork you provide or Bison designs.

Protect Your CDs in a Cost Effective Manner

Bison Disc is here to stick to your budget and keep your costs low. Digipaks are more durable than jewel cases and achieve a high end look at the same time. The plastic tray that holds the CD in place keeps your disc safe and protected during shipping. Whether you are shipping or selling in a store or at shows, digipaks look good without being too costly. Digipaks are lightweight, strong, and protect the CD inside.

 4-Panel and 6-Panel Digipaks

When thinking of the number of panels you want, consider the amount of pages of color you want. This includes the panel that has the plastic on it which holds the CD in place. Panels often have artwork, photos, logos, lyrics, and more. You are also able to add a booklet to your digipak if this is the preference.

You are most likely to have seen a 4-panel digipak in the past. This is the most popular option among bands choosing digipaks because it has a front and back cover with two inside panels. Additional panels allow you to include more information. For many listeners, feeling connected to the personality of a band creates a loyalty. Your digipak has the potential to embody who you are as a band. If you believe it takes a 6-panel option to achieve this, then Bison Disc works with you.

Multi-Disc CD Digipaks for Collections

If you are working on a series of CDs or you want to release a collection to your fans, a multi-disc digipak is the way to go. There is no limit on the design you create with Bison Disc. We also offer a combination pack which would include a CD and DVD. Reach out to us to get a price quote for your proposed digipak design.

Feature Options For Your Digipaks

The feature options of your band’s digipak are nearly endless. This is where a Bison Disc account manager comes in. We assign the same person to your account for the entire process so you never have to start from scratch with anyone. We get to know your preferences to provide you with the best service possible. Because digipaks are so uniquely customizable, hiring a professional makes all of the difference. Some of your choices include:

                              Full Color Design of Your Digipak

                              Custom Designed Printing on Your CDs

                              Hi Gloss Coating on the Digipak

                              On time Delivery

                              Design Services from the Bison Design Lab

                              Multi-Disc CD Digipaks for CD Collections

                              Adding a Booklet or Insert

                              CD Duplication or Replication According to Your Preference

About Bison Disc

Bison Disc is proud to be one of the nation’s leading disc makers. We specialize in CD duplication and replication. Our company is proud to offer superior service with a 100% product guarantee to every client. One of our biggest advantages against the competition is our ability to be true innovators. Bison Disc seriously considers design in every aspect of the process. We want to help your band build a brand, and your digipaks should be a boost to your image. We love working with musicians, bands, and spoken word authors. Get quality products and manufacturing from Bison Disc, from price quotes to shipment.

CD Duplication Versus CD Replication: What’s the Right Option for You?

cd duplicationAre you a musician looking to get your band’s music out there? The best way to communicate with your fan base and help it grow is by putting out a CD. There are two ways to copy a CD – either duplication or replication.  There are advantages to either option but the ultimate decision is up to you. Bison Disc offers both types of processes. Our team of professionals is honest in our recommendations to you about each method. No matter if CD duplication or CD replication is your choice, Bison Disc always provides your band with quality work. We offer design services in addition to replication and duplication which means you need to work with only one vendor for the entire project.You are able to choose which is right for your specific situation. So, what is the difference between the two?

Why is CD Duplication Right For You? 

CD duplication offers a quick turnaround time. By choosing a professional for this service, you get quality work that is fast. Did you get a last minute show? With CD duplication it is possible for you to get everything printed in time to sell at your show. Did you sell out too quickly? A few hundred CD duplication discs keeps your music out there. Don’t miss an opportunity because of slow turnaround from a substandard duplication company.

Bison Disc is able to honor a quick turnaround time to customers. Our team is also able to provide you with blank CDs that are pre-printed if you prefer to do the duplication yourself. This achieves a uniform look with a clear branding message. If you need 24-hour rush service, Bison Disc also offers that service. CD duplication works for music and data files. The advantages of this option include:

                              Achieving  A Professional Looking CD

                              Quick Service and Fast Turnaround Times

                              A Better Option For Smaller Orders

                              Generally for Orders Less Than 1000 CDs

                              On Disc Printing For Your Project

CD Replication

If you have a larger order for a bunch of CDs, Bison Disc professionals recommend CD replication to you. This option is the choice of musicians submitting large orders that need to be done with a high standard of quality. We are able to achieve a professional look through CD replication. When you aren’t sure which is right for you, simply consider the size of your order. To save money, CD duplication is cost effective for smaller orders but CD replication is cost effective for larger orders. The benefits of CD replication include:

                              Achieving A Professional Looking CD

                              Cost Effective For Higher Order Quantities

                              Generally Good for Orders of 1000 or More

DVD Replication Keeps Your Information Secure

When it comes to CD services, neither replication nor duplication protects your work from being copied. It is illegal to copy a CD without authorization so the law protects your property. In the case of DVDs, like recordings of your concerts or backstage experiences, DVD replication protects your intellectual property. No one can copy a DVD that is replicated. This is an important distinction when you want to protect your work. If any questions remain in your mind concerning the differences between CD or DVD replication and duplication, reach out to a sales expert at Bison Disc.

About Bison Disc

Bison Disc is proud to be one of the nation’s leading disc makers and CD duplication experts. We stick to fast schedules and extend a 100% product guarantee on all purchases. Bison Disc offers graphic design services. We work with you until you are pleased with your art. All bulk orders for discs come with full color printing on every disc. Throughout the entire project, a Bison Disc account manager is assigned to your project. This means you aren’t passed along from one person to another. Trust us to stick to a fast schedule while delivering a product to exceed your expectations.

Get your discs duplicated or replicated with Bison Disc. We produce discs in jackets, jewel cases, wallets, digipaks, and more. Request a quote today!

STREET GUNS won 1,000 CD/DVD pack from Bison Disc

image002STREET GUNS has beaten nearly 10,000 other artists worldwide to become Hard Rock Rising’s grand prize winner.

They’ll receive $50,000 USD, a trip to perform at an international Hard Rock location, a prize package from Fender, a 1,000 CD/DVD pack from Bison Disc and we’ll produce a music video for them that will be added to the Hard Rock video system all over the world.

Bison Disc is proud to have been the only CD Manufacturer to be selected as a sponsor of the Hard Rock International Worldwide Battle of the Bands Competition.

The recently announced winners were:

Grand prize – Streetguns
Europe – 100 Fables
US – Jack Berry
Latin America- Les Indigents

Congratulations to all of you. 

image001All the Bands will be Duplicating or Replicating their New Release CDs using Bison’s CD Manufacturing Services. Bison Disc will also Manufacture the CD Packaging for each of the Bands new Release