CD Duplication Versus CD Replication: What’s the Right Option for You?

cd duplicationAre you a musician looking to get your band’s music out there? The best way to communicate with your fan base and help it grow is by putting out a CD. There are two ways to copy a CD – either duplication or replication.  There are advantages to either option but the ultimate decision is up to you. Bison Disc offers both types of processes. Our team of professionals is honest in our recommendations to you about each method. No matter if CD duplication or CD replication is your choice, Bison Disc always provides your band with quality work. We offer design services in addition to replication and duplication which means you need to work with only one vendor for the entire project.You are able to choose which is right for your specific situation. So, what is the difference between the two?

Why is CD Duplication Right For You? 

CD duplication offers a quick turnaround time. By choosing a professional for this service, you get quality work that is fast. Did you get a last minute show? With CD duplication it is possible for you to get everything printed in time to sell at your show. Did you sell out too quickly? A few hundred CD duplication discs keeps your music out there. Don’t miss an opportunity because of slow turnaround from a substandard duplication company.

Bison Disc is able to honor a quick turnaround time to customers. Our team is also able to provide you with blank CDs that are pre-printed if you prefer to do the duplication yourself. This achieves a uniform look with a clear branding message. If you need 24-hour rush service, Bison Disc also offers that service. CD duplication works for music and data files. The advantages of this option include:

                              Achieving  A Professional Looking CD

                              Quick Service and Fast Turnaround Times

                              A Better Option For Smaller Orders

                              Generally for Orders Less Than 1000 CDs

                              On Disc Printing For Your Project

CD Replication

If you have a larger order for a bunch of CDs, Bison Disc professionals recommend CD replication to you. This option is the choice of musicians submitting large orders that need to be done with a high standard of quality. We are able to achieve a professional look through CD replication. When you aren’t sure which is right for you, simply consider the size of your order. To save money, CD duplication is cost effective for smaller orders but CD replication is cost effective for larger orders. The benefits of CD replication include:

                              Achieving A Professional Looking CD

                              Cost Effective For Higher Order Quantities

                              Generally Good for Orders of 1000 or More

DVD Replication Keeps Your Information Secure

When it comes to CD services, neither replication nor duplication protects your work from being copied. It is illegal to copy a CD without authorization so the law protects your property. In the case of DVDs, like recordings of your concerts or backstage experiences, DVD replication protects your intellectual property. No one can copy a DVD that is replicated. This is an important distinction when you want to protect your work. If any questions remain in your mind concerning the differences between CD or DVD replication and duplication, reach out to a sales expert at Bison Disc.

About Bison Disc

Bison Disc is proud to be one of the nation’s leading disc makers and CD duplication experts. We stick to fast schedules and extend a 100% product guarantee on all purchases. Bison Disc offers graphic design services. We work with you until you are pleased with your art. All bulk orders for discs come with full color printing on every disc. Throughout the entire project, a Bison Disc account manager is assigned to your project. This means you aren’t passed along from one person to another. Trust us to stick to a fast schedule while delivering a product to exceed your expectations.

Get your discs duplicated or replicated with Bison Disc. We produce discs in jackets, jewel cases, wallets, digipaks, and more. Request a quote today!