Bulk CD Duplication

  • Discs with Your Content Duplicated or Replicated
  • As Few as 25 Units
  • Your Option for Printed Blank CDs or DVDs for You to Load Your Individual Content
  • Super Fast Schedules
  • 100% Product Guarantee


Bulk CD Duplication

CDs Only

Replicated or Duplicated CDs, with your design printed in full color.

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DVDs Only

Replicated or Duplicated DVDs, with your design printed in full color.

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Bulk DVD Duplication
Bulk CD Replication

Printed Blank CDs

Your design, printed in full color on ready-to-burn blank CD-R discs

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Printed Blank DVDs

Your design, printed in full color on ready-to-burn blank DVD-R discs

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Bulk DVD Replication

Vinyl Look & Feel CDs

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Blu-Ray Discs

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Upgrade Options

CD Duplication – As Few As 25 Units and Bulk Orders

Bulk CD Duplication, Bulk CD Replication, Bulk DVD Duplication

Once is not enough! After you’ve completed your CD or DVD production, you now need to have your project reproduced in multiple amounts in order to get your story into the hands, homes and offices of as many customers as possible. That was the whole point, right?

So, when you need CDs or DVDs in bulk quantities, Bison Disc is the source to trust. We’ve been making discs and shipping them to customers nationwide, every day, for over 20 years! We’re your go-to company for disc Duplication and Replication. Confused? Not to worry. Here’s what these two similar-sounding terms actually mean:

Duplication is a process in which we use discs that already exist and simply burn your data onto them from a master. We generally use this process for reproducing quantities of less than 1000 units. (And, of course we will duplicate as few as 25.) Replication is a process in which we physically make the discs from scratch from plastic pellets and then embed the data into them. It’s mostly used for quantities greater than 1000 units. Got it? Good.

Of course, now that we’ve reproduced your discs in the amount that you require, it’s important to remember that you can’t just sell or ship them out without a vibrant look. Each one has to be clothed in its identifying brand and label.

So, regardless of the size of your order, all bulk CD and DVD duplication and replication discs get printed in full color with your artwork on premium grade media. That means high quality and full color printing on the face of each and every disc for amazing detail and lifelike imagery.

And if you’re looking for a way to make your custom artwork stand out, we can even duplicate your CD with the look and feel of real vinyl! No other disc maker offers this option – the realistic look and texture of vinyl, but with the convenient size and light weight of a standard CD. Then, of course, you can add full color Jackets or Wallets to this product for a complete, ready-to-sell package.

Now, suppose you want to customize each of your CD-Rs or DVD-Rs by burning your own individual content onto each disc. That’s not a problem. We can pre-print your discs with your custom artwork, including your brand or logo, business name, address and/or phone number on as many discs as you need. It’s a great product for a medical, veterinary, or similar business – your patients can get personalized information on a disc that has all your important information on it. And if you want a custom package product for these pre-printed discs to further promote your business, why not let us slip them into one of our full color Jackets or Wallets?

And, finally, if you’re looking for the best video quality available on a DVD, Bison’s Blu-ray DVDs are unrivaled by any other optical disc maker in the USA. We’ll print your order in full color AND duplicate or replicate (depending on quantity) your discs. Then we’ll present them in a secure bulk disc pack, or with full Blu-ray retail packaging.