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  • Our disc mailers SAVE you postage money because they are the right shape for USPS automated processing
  • Review our many style options to find the perfect one for you
  • Mailers printed full color throughout on sturdy paperboard
  • A slot keeps your disc secure
  • Discs in our mailers are durable and can be mailed worldwide!
  • Lifelike full color printing on your discs for amazing detail
  • Content duplicated or replicated
  • Work with the SAME Account Manager from quote to shipment
  • As few as 25 Units
  • 100% Product Guarantee

4-Panel Self Mailer

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Direct Mail Packaging and CD Duplication Saves You Time and Money

CD Mailers, DVD Mailers, CD-Mailers, CD-Mailer

Ever since the world went online, doomsayers and disaster prognosticators were predicting that traditional ways of marketing, including using the U.S. Postal System to reach out to people in their homes via direct mail, would go the way of the dinosaur. Well, they were wrong. Not only were they wrong, they were spectacularly wrong.

While it is true that American marketers continue to shift much of their energy into digital channels, the fact is that direct mail marketing numbers have either held pretty steady over the last decade or so, or, actually, risen slightly. Each year, U.S. businesses spend approximately $50 billion in direct mail advertising. And direct mail not only works, it works well!

According to recent studies, 6.5 in 10 people who receive direct mail marketing materials in their mailboxes, make purchases or otherwise engage with the businesses that sent them. And compared to emails sent to existing customers, direct mail has 30 times the chance of receiving a response. So, regardless of the explosive growth of internet commerce and the use of computers, tablets and smart phones to receive marketing information, a huge percentage of American consumers still like to receive marketing materials they can hold in their hands.

And when written marketing resources are paired with any form of recorded material, the numbers are nothing less than phenomenal. According to a recent study of U.S. consumers by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA):

  • 91% of all respondents who received a DVD/CD in the mail opened the mailer.
  • 89% of respondents said they would spend more time or the same amount of time with a direct mail piece if it included a DVD/CD.
  • 73% played the discs in their computers or televisions.

So, if you are planning to mail or self-mail your CD or DVD project, you really need to consider the many types of custom mailers from Bison Disc. All of our styles are printed in full color on durable paperboard. We offer a variety of printable, four or six panel mailers that come in two different sizes, and you can select either a vertical or horizontal format for your artwork. We even have special mailers that have a pop-up imbedded inside! The common element to each mailer is the secure slot that holds your CD or DVD firmly in place during mailing. When it comes to expert design and professional presentation, you simply can’t beat our products.

And now a word about costs: Back in 2007, the U.S. Postal Service introduced shape-based pricing. Specific letter shapes that were compatible with their automated equipment qualified for approval under its Auto Letter Rate Mailer (ALRM) system. So, we designed all of our mailers to match USPS specifications. In fact, we were one of the very first disc makers to do so. And shape-based pricing works for First Class, as well as Standard Mail. So, when you utilize one of our self mailers, you’re sure to save money.

But at Bison Disc, we go a lot further. If you want us to take care of your mailing, we are well-qualified and ready to do so. We can: manufacture, duplicate or replicate your CD or DVD; produce the packaging to your custom specifications and needs; insert the disc and seal the package with our convenient tab seals that keep your mailer closed during mailing but are easy to remove by your customer; process your mailing list for NCOA (National Change of Address); remove all duplicates; CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certify; inkjet address your mailers; qualify them for presorted automation with bar codes so that they will move swiftly through the USPS system; and deliver them to the post office on your behalf to be shipped nationwide. Direct mail is here to stay. So, for the best in mailer and self-mailer options, Bison Disc is the professional company you can trust.

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