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  • Bison Disc is the PRO in Creating Custom Packaging for CDs and DVDs
  • Check out our Range! Don’t See What you Need? Let’s Talk. We’ll Create Your Vision!
  • Custom Boxes that can Include Books, Journals and Workbooks
  • Slip Cases with or without a Book Flap Cover to Hold Multiple Cases
  • Multi-disc Cases for an Exceptional Value
  • Binders for Discs and your Literature
  • Pocket Folders with a Disc Slot – What a Presentation!
  • Lifelike Full Color Printing on Your Discs for Amazing Detail
  • Content Duplicated or Replicated
  • Work with the SAME Account Manager from Quote to Shipment
  • 100% Product Guarantee

Custom Box Sets

Our box sets can accommodate books, work books, CD/DVD wallets.

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Custom CD Box Sets
Custom Pocket Folders

Disc Pocket Folder

Our 9×12 pocket folder has 2 inside pockets for your literature and a disc slot! Great document capacity in a thin & light package.

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Brochure W/Hub

Multi-page full color brochures with disc hubs available.

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Custom CD DVD Brochures
Custom CD Binders

Binder w/Literature Pages

Perfect for training materials, our custom binders offer printed disc and literature pages and durability.

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6 Panel Hub Folder

Lightweight and durable, our 4 or 6-panel folder secures a single disc with a self-adhesive hub. Colored hubs & add’l panels available.

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Custom CD Hub Folders
Self Adhesive CD Sleeves

Self Adhesive Clear Sleeve

Our self adhesive clear disc sleeve can be affixed to virtual any printed material for maximum flexibility.

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Disc Album w/Literature Area

Custom album with multi-disc hubs and literature area.

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Specialty CD Binders
Specialty DVD Binders

Ring Binder w/Disc & Literature Pages

Plastic binder with disc pages & literature rings.

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Multi-Disc Unikeeps

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CD Unikeeps

Custom Shaped Packaging
W/Disc Hub & Booklet

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Custom Packaging

Custom CD and DVD Packaging – Manufactured In-House

Custom CD Packaging, Custom DVD Packaging

You’ve spent a great deal of time and expense designing, crafting and producing your CD or DVD project. Regardless of the subject matter, and whether you’re a large business or simply a mom-and-pop operation, you’ve poured your talent and tenacity into creating the most informative, most instructive and most enlightening product that modern recording technologies have to offer.

Naturally, you worked with the finest and most professional production company you could find so that all of your well thought-out information was scripted, recorded and edited to your precise specifications. You didn’t scrimp and you didn’t settle because you demanded superlative work from all those who helped you produce the very best project you were capable of. Now you need to get your finished disc into the hands of your target audience. So the real question is: “Why would you leave the appearance and packaging of all that hard work and effort to any old company that may not be relied upon to present your CD or DVD project in the most intelligent, artful and visually stunning manner possible?”

Well, you shouldn’t. And that’s where we come in. Here at Bison Disc, we’re simply the best at knowing the most appropriate way to package your CD or DVD so that it’s noticed, is accompanied by all the necessary information, and is presented in the most beautiful and clever way we know how. The fact is, after you’ve finished creating your masterwork, we can take your project to the next level and make it truly spectacular!

Our huge range of products, developed over 20 years of experience and used by over tens of thousands of satisfied customers, includes a vast variety of in-house, manufactured packaging solutions:

  • Our Custom Boxed Sets can accommodate books, work books, CDs and DVDs
  • Our Disc Pocket Folder has two inside pockets – room for literature and a disc
  • Our Multi-Page Full Color Brochure comes with available disc hubs
  • Our durable Custom Binders offer both disc and literature pages
  • Our Four or Six-Panel Hub folder expands to hold additional panels
  • Our Self-Adhesive Clear Sleeve can be affixed to any printed material

The plain truth is: your packaging should match the high quality of your best efforts. So, our printing processes provide you with maximum, full-color printing on a variety of paper stocks. And we have aqueous and UV coating options, as well, for the best look in the business. And all of our high quality plastic products are built to last.

And if you need something that we don’t already have, don’t despair – we’ll work with you to create just what you desire from design to development to assembly. Everything is done by our talented staff in our own facility – and we never cut corners.

And, by the way – at Bison Disc, we have no minimum quantities. We don’t care whether you need a few dozen items or a few thousand – we’re that flexible.

So, when you require custom specialty packaging, you can place your trust in Bison Disc to provide you with the most appropriate and most aesthetically pleasing packaging for all your CD and DVD needs.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your creation in the hands of a cut-rate company. You deserve the best of what we have to offer. Whatever your need, Bison Disc has the most intelligently designed and carefully constructed custom packaging products available. Call us for a quote and a free consultation!

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In-House Manufactured Specialty DVD Packaging Solutions

Custom Packaging from Bison Disc offers superior quality packaging with our legendary turnaround times and top-notch customer service.