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How Long Until I See a Design Proof?
We typically return a first design proof within 3-4 business days once your request is submitted and we have all of your materials.

What Does High Resolution Mean?
High resolution can mean different things to different people. An image can be high resolution, and still too small to be able to print at high quality. The best rule of thumb is that you supply images that display very large on your computer screen and are visually high quality without distortion, blurriness or grain. The larger the images the better. From a technical standpoint, 300DPI is the desired resolution for graphic images and photographs.

What If I Don’t Have High Resolution Pictures?
In the world of professional musicians and filmmakers, image is everything. High quality promotional graphics and photos are a must when you want to look professional. If you do not currently have high resolution photos, we strongly recommend that a professional photographer or high end digital camera be used when taking photos intended for use in your CD or DVD design. Remember, the higher quality the image, the more professional looking your final result will be, and a professional image can lead to increased sales and recognition of your product.

Do I Own The Copyrights To The Design?
Once you place your order, you will own all rights to the design we create for you.

What If I Don’t Like The First Design?
If you don’t like your initial design, or would like to make any changes to your design just let us know and our team will take care of them right away! We offer an original design plus 2 revisions if needed.

Don’t Forget…

(!) Send only high resolution TIFF, JPEG, .PSD, .EPS, or .AI images.
Sending low-resolution or low-quality images may result in delays or unsatisfactory print quality.

(!) Images taken from the internet (low resolution or appear small on your screen) are not recommended and will result in poor print quality.

Need a Custom Logo?

Our team can create a unique one-of-a-kind logo specifically for you! Just ask a representative for details.

Resolution Matters

In printing, resolution is extremely important. Always be sure to use a high quality camera set to the highest megapixel (resolution) setting possible.