Digipaks Premium CD Packaging Is Preferred By Bands


Get a premium look for your band when you come to Bison Disc for digipaks.  A digipak allows you the opportunity to include lyrics, unique photographs, and aspects of your story. Bison Disc is able to accommodate orders starting as small as 25 and up into the thousands. Our company works with you from the initial consultation, through design services, and into final delivery of your digipaks. See for yourself why this packaging option is the preferred choice for bands and musicians.

Boost Your Band’s Image With a Digipak

Choose this extremely attractive option if you are ready to invest in the future of your band or musical career. The right image does a lot for you. Your digipak is fully customized to your order with artwork you provide or Bison designs.

Protect Your CDs in a Cost Effective Manner

Bison Disc is here to stick to your budget and keep your costs low. Digipaks are more durable than jewel cases and achieve a high end look at the same time. The plastic tray that holds the CD in place keeps your disc safe and protected during shipping. Whether you are shipping or selling in a store or at shows, digipaks look good without being too costly. Digipaks are lightweight, strong, and protect the CD inside.

 4-Panel and 6-Panel Digipaks

When thinking of the number of panels you want, consider the amount of pages of color you want. This includes the panel that has the plastic on it which holds the CD in place. Panels often have artwork, photos, logos, lyrics, and more. You are also able to add a booklet to your digipak if this is the preference.

You are most likely to have seen a 4-panel digipak in the past. This is the most popular option among bands choosing digipaks because it has a front and back cover with two inside panels. Additional panels allow you to include more information. For many listeners, feeling connected to the personality of a band creates a loyalty. Your digipak has the potential to embody who you are as a band. If you believe it takes a 6-panel option to achieve this, then Bison Disc works with you.

Multi-Disc CD Digipaks for Collections

If you are working on a series of CDs or you want to release a collection to your fans, a multi-disc digipak is the way to go. There is no limit on the design you create with Bison Disc. We also offer a combination pack which would include a CD and DVD. Reach out to us to get a price quote for your proposed digipak design.

Feature Options For Your Digipaks

The feature options of your band’s digipak are nearly endless. This is where a Bison Disc account manager comes in. We assign the same person to your account for the entire process so you never have to start from scratch with anyone. We get to know your preferences to provide you with the best service possible. Because digipaks are so uniquely customizable, hiring a professional makes all of the difference. Some of your choices include:

                              Full Color Design of Your Digipak

                              Custom Designed Printing on Your CDs

                              Hi Gloss Coating on the Digipak

                              On time Delivery

                              Design Services from the Bison Design Lab

                              Multi-Disc CD Digipaks for CD Collections

                              Adding a Booklet or Insert

                              CD Duplication or Replication According to Your Preference

About Bison Disc

Bison Disc is proud to be one of the nation’s leading disc makers. We specialize in CD duplication and replication. Our company is proud to offer superior service with a 100% product guarantee to every client. One of our biggest advantages against the competition is our ability to be true innovators. Bison Disc seriously considers design in every aspect of the process. We want to help your band build a brand, and your digipaks should be a boost to your image. We love working with musicians, bands, and spoken word authors. Get quality products and manufacturing from Bison Disc, from price quotes to shipment.