DVD Duplication
  • Pick Your Case Color – Black, White or Clear Cases Available
  • Pick Your Size – Standard, Slim or Multi-disc
  • DVDs are Printed Full Color for Amazing Lifelike Detail
  • Content Duplicated or Replicated
  • As Few as 25 Units
  • Beautiful, Colorful Printed Case Wraps
  • Need to Add an Insert or Booklet? Just Let Us Know!
  • Top Spines with a Bar Code Available, Too
  • Work with the SAME Account Manager from quote to shipment
  • 100% Product Guarantee
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DVD Duplication, Customized DVD Cases & Custom DVD Cases, Personalized DVD Cases

It’s not enough to have a brilliant and informative DVD if the people to whom it is directed are not interested enough to open up the DVD container and pop your disc in their players. That means that your DVD has to be packaged in a way that entices its users to want to find out what’s going on inside. Just think: how many times in the past have you bought a book or record because you were drawn to the book jacket or album cover? In the very same way, interesting copy and stimulating artwork on your DVD case are the keys that will help open the door to your DVD project, within.

Remember, producing your DVD is only half the job. Interesting, informative, and aesthetically pleasing packaging is just as important if you want your project to be recognized, effortlessly stored, and played again and again by your customers. And that requires professional design and construction of your DVD’s casing.

At Bison Disc, we have multiple, state-of-the-art options for your DVD case design. First of all, in addition to black, we also offer white and clear DVD cases for an alternative look. But that’s just the beginning. What really makes your DVD case stand out is the stylish and eye-catching artwork created by our in-house team of artists and designers who craft and print customized, full-color artwork on your DVD case wrap. So, well before your customers even play your DVD, they will be enthused by its original and attention-grabbing outer look.

And don’t forget that storing DVDs is made that much simpler if the information on the case allows its owner to quickly identify, categorize, place and retrieve them from a home rack or shelf.

And since our custom-made case wraps cover the front, spine and back of the DVD case, it makes it easy for your viewers to re-select your DVD in an instant because they can always see its title when it’s is stored alongside others or selected in a retail environment.

Want to include additional material with your DVD? No problem. In our totally plastic DVD cases, the DVD is attached to a hub on the inside right of the case. On the inside left, there are built-in clips to hold an additional printed insert or booklet.

Do you have a project that contains more video footage than one disc can contain? Well, if you do want to pack several DVDs in one case, we also have the products for you. In fact, we have DVD cases that can hold from one, to up to eight discs, in the same case. Another option is our slim DVD case. This style has a narrow spine. If you want to pack a three, four or five disc set in individual slim cases, the perfect way to combine them into one unit is with our full color paperboard slip case.

For intelligent and aesthetic packaging of all your DVDs, you can count on Bison Disc’s customized DVD cases. Whatever your need, we have the right case for you – intelligently designed and carefully constructed for years and years of worry-free use.

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