DVD Digipaks, Mult-Disc DVD Digipaks
  • This Modern Product can Hold Multiple DVDs or DVD with CD Combo
  • Special Print Features can be Added Such as Metallic Ink and Spot UV Coating
  • Content Duplicated or Replicated
  • As Few as 25 Units
  • Lifelike Full Color Printing on Your Discs for Amazing Detail
  • Digipaks are Printed in Full Color Throughout for your Dynamic Project with a Clear Plastic Tray
  • Add Inserts or Booklets
  • Work with the SAME Account Manager from Quote to Shipment
  • 100% Product Guarantee
DVD Digipaks

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Digipaks are available in 4 Panel and 6 panel

Sometimes you just gotta go big! If you have an idea for a DVD project and you have a large amount of ancillary, printed or visual material that you want to include in a package along with the DVD, itself, then Bison Disc’s DVD Digipak is your best solution.

DVD Digipaks are perfect for personal trainers, financial planners, medical and health professionals, spiritual leaders, spoken word and self-help authors, and anyone else who wants the option of supplying their customers with an extra helping of printed matter or extensive artwork. It’s a terrific product to sell at screenings, film festivals, as well as retail outlets and our DVD Digipaks work especially well for Limited Edition or Special Feature offerings.

The original Digipak design was one of the earliest alternatives to the traditional CD Jewel Case. It was created by the IMPAC group, a maker of consumer-goods packaging, and was first employed by major recording companies and a few big-name musical acts, such as U2, and The Police, among a few others. CD Digipaks started appearing in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They were a bit larger than standard CD cases, and generally contained more written material, and because of their uniqueness, they tended to stand out from their competitors. And the novelty, of course, helped to boost their sales.

Today, the modern Digipak combines the best features of several other types of packaging, such as the cardboard wallet and the traditional Jewel Case plastic housing, and, just as importantly, they are still a great idea from a marketing perspective. Not only can you offer your DVD to your customers, but with a Digipak, you have the ability to tell a longer and better story, simply because you have more space at your disposal.

Here at Bison Disc, we offer several different types of Digipaks for all of your big DVD projects. The four-panel Digipak has a lot of room for your creative artwork or written material. It’s printed in full, beautiful color on durable paperboard, and has a clear, plastic tray for the DVD. The finished size is approximately 5-1/2 X 7-3/8 inches, and your Digipak can be further customized with spot UV coating, metallic inks, and/or special embossing. And if you need to add a small booklet with your DVD, we can place a handy literature pocket on the inside or back cover.

For DVD disc makers who want to include several discs in one great package, we offer six-panel, and even larger, Digpaks that can hold multiple DVDs or DVD and CD combinations, in addition to all of your printed material and artwork. And, remember: even if your project is a big one, your order doesn’t have to be. We will manufacture as few as 25 units for you and we ship nationwide. And, finally, just like all of our Bison Disc products, our DVD Digipaks come with a 100 percent product guarantee.

Call us today and we will work with you to custom design your DVD Digipak to your precise specifications.

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