Design Templates

Packaging Templates to Prepare Your Design for Production

To ensure your project is ready for production, we have files you can download, including CD templates for covers and cases, DVD templates for covers and cases, CD mailers and more.

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Disc Face Templates
Disc Face (Template 101)
Mini CD/DVD Disc Face (Template 102)
Jacket & Wallet Templates
Disc Jacket/Sleeve (Template 201)
4 Panel Wallet w/Spine (Template 202A)
4 Panel Wallet NO Spine (Template 202B)
6 Panel Wallet w/Thumb Notch Pocket (Template 203)
6 Panel Wallet w/ Arc Pocket (Template 204)
4 Panel Wallet 2 Disc Short Run (Template 206)
4 Panel Wallet 2 Disc Long Run (Template 207)
4 Panel Wallet w/ Literature Pocket Short Run (Template 208)
4 Panel Wallet w/ Literature Pocket Long (Template 209)
Small Saver Wallet Side 1 (Template 210A)
Small Saver Wallet Side 2 (Template 210B)
Large Saver Wallet Side 1 (Template 211A)
Large Saver Wallet Side 2 (Template 211B)
CD & DVD Jewel Case Templates
Jewel Case 2 Panel Insert (Template 301)
Jewel Case 4 Panel Insert (Template 302)
Jewel Case 6 Panel Insert (Template 303)
Jewel Case 8 Page Booklet (Template 304)
Jewel Case Tray Card (Template 305)
Jewel Case Tray Card Inside (Template 305A)
DVD Amaray Case Templates
DVD Wrap (Template 401)
DVD Slim Case Wrap (Template 402)
DVD 2 Panel Insert (Template 403)
Blu ray Case Templates
Blu ray Case Wrap
CD & DVD Digipak Templates
CD 4 Panel Digipack(Template 502)
DVD 4 Panel Digipak Long Run (Template 503)
DVD 4 Panel Digipak Short Run (Template 504)
DVD 6 Panel 1 Disc Digipak Short Run (Template 505)
Self Mailer Templates
4-Panel ALRM Template (Template 602)
Zip Strip Mailer(Template 601)